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Hi! My name is Solomon Dimitriadis and with my wife Pia we work with Agape StudentLife.

Here you can stay up to date about the things I do as an Evangelist in The Netherlands

I was 19 years old when slowly it became clear to me that my life had no clear direction. I had questions about the meaning and purpose of life. I also wanted to know if there is such a thing as truth. My mother gave me the New Testament. This is the part of the Bible that speaks about the life and teachings of Jesus, and I started to read it in order to see if it would help me in any way find answers to my questions.

While reading I was attracted to the person and teaching of Jesus. Although I could not understand everything, it took me some time to connect the dots, and I began to get a sense that all this might be true. One thing that was clear is that it came across to me as very meaningful. It was like being in touch with reality. It resonated deeply in my heart as truthful and meaningful.

After about six months I understood that I could have a personal relationship with God through Jesus. I made a commitment to follow Jesus in 1988. It transformed my life. Although life is still full of perplexities and challenges I also know that I am not alone anymore.

My Ministry

Student ministry

My passion in the student ministry is to make Jesus known to as many students as possible and help them become committed followers of Christ. I want to help students see that the Christian faith is reasonable, evidence-based and that it is the most coherent world-view with the most meaningful answers to life’s biggest questions.

On a weekly basis, I am training Christian students at the universities and colleges in The Netherlands on how to share their faith. We then go to universities and have conversations with students about the meaning of life and God.


I teach Christian Apologetics at Tyndale Theological Seminary in The Netherlands once a year. The focus of the course is to help students grow in their understanding of the reasonableness of the Christian faith, how do defend the Christian faith from objections and commend the richness of the Christian faith in a way that it is appreciated and understood.

I also hold workshops on student conferences and apologetic conferences.


The preaching ministry focuses on communicating the good news and its relevance of the Christian faith for the 21st century.

Church planting

After attending Bible School in Greece I served as a church planter in Albania for a number of years.



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