Tyndale Theological Seminary

Teaching at Tyndale Theological Seminary

Once a year I am teaching at Tyndale Theological Seminary the Christian Apologetics course. Here is a short clip of the vision and mission of the school.

Mission Statement

Tyndale Theological Seminary stands as a witness for Christ in multi-cultural Europe, equipping leaders to reach Europe and the world with the gospel.

Strategic Vision

Institutional Identity and Mission

Tyndale shall primarily focus on training Christian servants who return to their home countries to serve and lead the local church as pastors, missionaries, Christian staff workers and Bible teachers (Acts 20:28). Tyndale shall also continue to train students who are called to teach in theological seminaries, Bible institutes and other schools with a focus on replicating a discipleship-model of life and training (2 Tim. 2:2). Tyndale shall seek to develop and communicate this institutional identity and mission in a clear, consistent and coherent way which can be embraced by all members of the Tyndale Community (Pro. 29:18).

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