International students in Breda

International students in Breda

icafe Breda 

2014,while I still was with IFES NL, was a fruitful year in international student ministry in Breda. Together with the student pastor we started an i-cafe team. The i-cafe team is running monthly meetings for international students. The team is composed by members of churches in Breda, IFES staff, the student pastor of the PKN church and both Dutch and international students. It took about a year to bring different people together in order to make this happen. The result is a strong and independent i-cafe team that is committed to reach out to international students in Breda. These are some photos from our first meetings in 2014. Some of these students also attend the Bible studies and prayer meetings on campus at AVANS on a weekly basis.

icafe breda students IMG_0290 IMG_0294 IMG_0278

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