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Four things that help me make sense out of evil and suffering

A few thoughts about suffering and evil that help me personally

  • Suffering and evil is a reality we all face day in and day out. In this vlog, I share four things that I find helpful when I think about suffering and evil.
    • First, a helpful distinction. It is not only an intellectual problem.
    • Furthermore, who has to give a response to the problem of suffering and evil?
    • In addition, what is evil? why is there so much suffering in the world?
    • Finally, what is the Christian responds to suffering and evil?
  • What are your thoughts to these four things? leave a reply and I will be happy to respond.

You can watch the vlog here 

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Make room for thought: is faith unreasonable?

View the vlog here

MAKE ROOM FOR THOUGHT: Is faith unreasonable?

Students in Leiden here in The Netherlands run a week with talks about the meaning of life.

So they asked me to prepare a talk about the question of faith in relation to reason. My talk was under the general topic of MAKE ROOM FOR THOUGHT. Here then is a summary of my talk in 5 minutes.

We all have the same starting point: we believe something about reality. The real question then is: which view makes more sense? Would like to hear what you think. leave a comment or ask a question. Stay safe!


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Study and finish well during corona

Watch the vlog here

During this lockdown, you can continue your studies and finish well. But you need what I call “routine faithfulness.” I mention 3 benefits and four tips in this less than three minutes vlog.

  • benefits
    • finish tasks
    • sense of satisfaction because you finish tasks
    • enough time for hobbies or things outside your studies
  • tips
    • Move!
    • Schedule your time and (see the vlog for that one)
    • Eat three times a day
    • Socialise online

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The one thing that is not true about God

Here is my vlog about the one thing that is not true about God.

God cares!

View the vlog here

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Opportunity to know ourselves: character check

You can watch the vlog here

We all know the challenges corona has brought into our lives. But are there any opportunities?

Here are some questions:

  • how well do you know yourself?
  • who are you when no one sees you?
  • and do you get along with yourself and others around you?

Let’s measure our character development with three things:

  • kindness
  • goodness
  • gentleness

We may discover that we need help from outside to further develop these three characteristics.

Read from the Bible John 15 and Galatians 5 to find out more about how to connect with the source of life.



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