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Four things that help me make sense out of evil and suffering

A few thoughts about suffering and evil that help me personally

  • Suffering and evil is a reality we all face day in and day out. In this vlog, I share four things that I find helpful when I think about suffering and evil.
    • First, a helpful distinction. It is not only an intellectual problem.
    • Furthermore, who has to give a response to the problem of suffering and evil?
    • In addition, what is evil? why is there so much suffering in the world?
    • Finally, what is the Christian responds to suffering and evil?
  • What are your thoughts to these four things? leave a reply and I will be happy to respond.

You can watch the vlog here 

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Study and finish well during corona

Watch the vlog here

During this lockdown, you can continue your studies and finish well. But you need what I call “routine faithfulness.” I mention 3 benefits and four tips in this less than three minutes vlog.

  • benefits
    • finish tasks
    • sense of satisfaction because you finish tasks
    • enough time for hobbies or things outside your studies
  • tips
    • Move!
    • Schedule your time and (see the vlog for that one)
    • Eat three times a day
    • Socialise online

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Living with Hope and Courage in All Circumstances

Some things we cannot change easily, the fact of the corona pandemic and lockdown we are going through is an example. But we can do something about how to respond to this pandemic.

This is a talk I gave at ICF Delft Sunday, October the 6th 2019. With the corona pandemic and the lockdown we experience these passages can bring comfort and strenght. They also can show us how to deal with uncertain times, even with death, with courage and hope.

Talk theme: living with hope and courage whatever may come

We all live our lives without knowing what may happen in the future. All humans are fragile in one way or another. For instance, we cannot avoid death or the death of loved ones. Furthermore, we need to know who we are to be able to live a life free from wrong expectations or the trap of performing to be accepted.

We want to live with values that will help us live a life worth living. Who can help us live with hope and courage during our short and fragile lives?

The Christian faith has an answer to these questions. Our passage this coming Sunday from 1 Thessalonians 4 and 5 talks about

  • certainty in death – future promise connected with a past historical event
  • a meeting with the King  that inspires hope
  • courage to live with kingdom values
  • an identity rooted in a love relationship with God

Click below to listen to the talk from about minute 29.

Outline: A Creed. A Meeting. An Identity. A lifestyle.

New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) in Delft.

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The one thing that is not true about God

Here is my vlog about the one thing that is not true about God.

God cares!

View the vlog here

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Opportunity to know ourselves: character check

You can watch the vlog here

We all know the challenges corona has brought into our lives. But are there any opportunities?

Here are some questions:

  • how well do you know yourself?
  • who are you when no one sees you?
  • and do you get along with yourself and others around you?

Let’s measure our character development with three things:

  • kindness
  • goodness
  • gentleness

We may discover that we need help from outside to further develop these three characteristics.

Read from the Bible John 15 and Galatians 5 to find out more about how to connect with the source of life.



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