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Student Outreach 2017

Mission Possible updates

Students having conversations on campus about God and the meaning of life. See more here 

Update on conversations with students on campus September 2015 see here. 

It has been another very good Mission Possible in Rotterdam yesterday at the University. We had good conversations with students about world-views and the Christian faith. We are looking forward to follow up meetings with some of them.

What I also like about Mission Possible is that student unions from different organizations participate too. As many times it happens ‘mission unites’.

mission possible

Mission Possible February 12th 2015 Rotterdam


Mission Possible The Hague

Great new beginnings in 2014 in The Hague university with Mission Possible events. Agape staff came to give training to the Navigators, Ichthus and IFES Den Haag students on how to use three conversation starters: 1. Perspective cards 2. Solarium cards 3. Questionnaires.

Students were encouraged, challenged and equipped to reach out and share about their faith with others studetns. It is a nice and nonthreatening way to approach students and have short conversations related to their world-views. Usually students are ready to share about their opinion on different topics.

Mission Possible continues in 2015! There is lots of enthusiasm and good participation.

Join the Facebook group & learn more about Mission Possible in The Hague

mission possible dh 2

Mission Possible The Hague 2015 Going strong!


mission possible

Mission Possible The Hague 2014


Mission possible the hague

Mission Possible The Hague 2015


Mission Possible Rotterdam 

Join the Facebook group & learn more about Mission Possible in Rotterdam

mission possible rotterdam photo

Mission Possible in Delft

Join the Facebook group & learn more about Mission Possible in Delft

mission possible delft 2015

Mission Possible Delft 2015


Responding to World Religions

Christianity and World Religions

Upcoming seminar will be on Islam. Dr. Phil Gottschalk will lead this session. You are welcome October 9th 19:00 hour at trinity church international.

Responding to World Religions at Trinity International Church Directions click here

25 September Drake Williams Introducing the topic on World Religions.

2 October Mike Duffy on Hinduism.

9 October Phil Gottschalk on Islam.

16 October Jim Dahl on Buddhism.

30 October Solomon Dimitriadis on Secularism


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StudentLife Communities


StudentLife Rotterdam has started the weekly meetings again. For information click on the Facebook page on one of the cities here

Are you a Christian, and do you want to grow and learn how to share about your relationship with God?

Are you not a believer, but do you together with other ‘seekers’ want to learn more about the meaning of life and discover more about God?

Become part of this colorful community full of focus on the meaning of life, friendship, fun, and life and faith questions!

Coaching and community concerning life and faith questions. That is what Agapè StudentLife stands for. With coaches, students and volunteers we help to create a meaningful student life.
Coaches and students of Agapè StudentLife meet each other at home or at the campus, during (international) conferences and workshops, or just at the pub

Want to join or start a StudentLife community? You can find information here 

You can find more information about student life here



Apologetics Conference

Apologetics conference coming – May the 30th in The Hague

Area – Is faith reasonable? What about suffering and faith? Is the Bible a reliable set of books or are there more gospels around? Dr. Phil Gottschalk will give a plenary session on faith and reason at the start of the conference. There will be two workshops given right after the first session that participants can attend:

1. Workshop on suffering and faith given by Solomon Dimitriadis

2. Workshop on the lost gospels by pastor Drake Williams 

Facebook event 

Apologetics Conference (1)


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