StudentLife Rotterdam outreach

August the 30th 2016 we started with our on campus outreach activities again. In search for Christian students. We talked to 367 students! 10 of them indicated that they would like to know more about our outreach activities. We pray that they will become ‘disciple makers’ in their campuses.

There are many students at the uni the coming two weeks. We had the opportunity to have short talks this time. Whenever we do the FAST we usually ask only two questions. The idea is to talk to as many students as possible in a short period of time. The purpose of FAST is to find Christian students that are willing to share their faith on campus this year.

We continue with follow up meetings with these students next week. It is our dream that there will be student-led movements on Every Campus!

Jesus said ‘Go and make disciples of all nations.’ Matthew 28:19


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