SEARCH Passionweek 2018

SEARCH – Passionweek Utrecht 2018

In this Passionweek students had the opportunity to listen to talks about the meaning of life and God during lunch. Lunch was provided by the SEARCH committee. The students appreciated this opportunity and came with good and challenging questions to the meetings.

The topics of the lunch talks and evening talks are in the SEARCH flyer below.

Here are some of the questions that I received during the SEARCH Passionweek. I walked around the university before I gave my talks with the question, “If you had the opportunity to ask God one question what would it be?” Here are some of the questions students would ask God.

    • How can I be rich, healthy and happy? (this was amusing)
    • Why does war exist?
    • Why does life suck for some people and not for others?
    • What will happen after I die? (more students asked this question)
    • Why?
    • Why things go wrong?
    • Is the Bible true?
    • What is the story all about when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son? (which of course he never did, but is a good question)
    • Why did God create the world/universe?
    • Why is there so much inequality?
    • How long will it take for Jesus to come back?
    • Did God intend the world to be as it is now?
    • What is the purpose of life?

These are very good questions. It was good to interact with the students and in the lunch and evening talks address some of these questions. The SEARCH committee did a good work to organize this with IFES Nederland and other student organizations (StudentLife staff/students, Navigators students, and students who participated in the whole process both as commettee members and speakers).

overall a great event!


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