Communicating the good news to students in Europe

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Ask God One Question

An opportunity to ask God ONE question This was the question we asked students at a university mission in The Netherlands a few months ago: “If you would have the opportunity to ask God one question what would it be?” In this mission event, students had the opportunity to listen to talks about the meaning of […]

Is faith real or just made up?

Is faith real or just made up? That’s a good question for the following simple reasons. It will either stop you from trying to find an answer or encourage you to look at this question in an open and honest way. It will also help you realize that you already have a faith-based few of […]

Can Science Explain Everything?

Reflections on the conversation Some of my thoughts about this conversation, impressions I would say. Two opposing worldviews. “Can Science explain everything? Can we answer all questions using the scientific method?” This was a very interesting conversation between John Lennox and Peter Atkins. Is faith in God reasonable? Both speakers appreciate the scientific method. Both hold to […]

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