Follow Up Tools

Follow Up Tools

Tips for a follow up meeting

After a good conversation on campus there might be someone who is interested to talk further with you. here are some tips to get you going with this.

Have an open conversation about questions they might have

There are usually issues to talk about from the came from the initial first convesation you had. Talk further about them and try to explain things from your own perspective. In case you don’t have an answer don’t worry, we are all on the learning side. You can take this question with you and find out what the answer to this might be. Here is a good link to find out more.

Tools for follow up meetings

Furthermore, StudentLife has developed some good and easy to use tools for a follow up conversation. At the link below (building movements) you can find more information about these tools. However, the best thing is to attend a training. For more information about training opportunities send me an email at

There are also some follow up tools in order to help people grow in their faith. They are very useful if you would like to help a student who recently started a relationship with God. You can find them at the ‘Building Movements’ website.


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    Absolutely. Jesus Christ gives us perspective which then gives us hope and finally true faith.

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