Conversation with a student about God

Conversation with a student about God

Pointers for God’s existence

In June I had a conversation with a student about the existence of God. The student studies “applied physics.” He thought that there is no evidence for God’s existence. However, he was open to change his mind if there is evidence. In this clip, I explain what happened in this conversation.



  • Nadia | Jul 19,2019

    Solid, straight forward, practical reasoning. An imperatively worthy conversation about the most important issue in life… an issue that’s been painted over and put away, swept under the carpet and ridiculed. May God bless the seed you planted.

  • Arend Jan Zwart | Jul 31,2019

    Dear Solomon,
    Bert forwarded your mail to me as member of the Kas di Nos Tata board.
    I liked this message and I love to recieve more of these in the future.
    God bless
    Arend Jan Zwart

    • Solomon Dimitriadis | Aug 29,2019

      Hi Arend, thank you for your comment. Yes, I will post more regularly from September onwards. greetings!

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