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Opportunity to know ourselves: character check

You can watch the vlog here

We all know the challenges corona has brought into our lives. But are there any opportunities?

Here are some questions:

  • how well do you know yourself?
  • who are you when no one sees you?
  • and do you get along with yourself and others around you?

Let’s measure our character development with three things:

  • kindness
  • goodness
  • gentleness

We may discover that we need help from outside to further develop these three characteristics.

Read from the Bible John 15 and Galatians 5 to find out more about how to connect with the source of life.



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Being creative during lockdown

During a lockdown, you can be passive or creative. This about 2 min clip is about being creative during a lockdown. I share three things that you can take and further develop and apply. You can watch the vlog here

Here they are in short:

  • Make use of the good moments.
  • Then, be aware of the dangers.
  • Last, be aware of the challenges.

Enjoy! Leave a comment or ask a question. I will be happy to reply

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Faith in God during a pandemic

Faith in God can help us in good and normal times. It helps us understand reality and our experience in a comprehensive way. But faith in God can also help us during difficult times, like during a pandemic.

I recommend two websites that can help you find answers. The first one is called and the second Both have good blogs on facing suffering.

You can watch my vlog here 

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Corona and our two greatest concerns

Out two greatest concerns during Covid-19 can become our two greatest teachers. Well, what can these two concerns teach us? What are your greatest concerns? what are you learning during this time?

Leave a comment and I will reply soon


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Corona and 3 tips that can make a difference “today”

We are leaving in the midst of a pandemic. Fear is a natural response. Some people panic and are desperate. Will we survive this pandemic?

In this vlog, I focus on three simple things we can do today. To face a big problem sometimes we have to take small steps. We should not let fear control our lives. That’s my point.