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The very first Veritas debate in Breda!

Veritas Breda

I have been praying with my former IFES colleagues, and especially Gerrit Benschop, for a few years to see a Veritas forum at a Hoge School in The Netherlands. I heart this week that the students in Ichthus Breda were able to make this happen. Here you can find some information about the theme of the evening. We are thankful for all God is doing through the Veritas forums. Christianity is brought to a more central place in the thoughts of students through these events. Very important ministry! Debates on YouTube can be found here

Upcoming Veritas Debates

Middelburg Veritas Forum: senators Roel Kuiper and Joris Backer will debate on the role of religion in politics. Save the date: Thursday 19th February at 20:00 in the Burgerzaal! for more information here

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19th February 2015 in Middelburg


Veritas Forums

Veritas Forums are events that engage students and faculty in discussions about life’s hardest questions and the modern relevance of Jesus Christ. Information about Veritas debates in The Netherlands have a look hereFor upcoming events in other countries here

While still with IFES I was able to initiate a Veritas team in Middleburg in 2012. Together with my then colleague Gerrit Benschop, national co-ordinator of Veritas in The Netherlands, we gave the first training and guidelines to build the team. For forums in Middleburg have a look here


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Middleburg 1st Veritas Forum 2012


This was the very 1st Veritas forum in Middelburg in 2012. Was well attended with about 100 students and faculty present. God answered prayers!