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Lift Off StudentLife retreat October 2022

Lift Off 2022

StudentLife is organizing a weekend retreat for students on October 14-16 2022.

From all over The Netherlands like-hearted students will come to learn more about sharing their faith.

The topic is: praying into the promised land

More information soon at the StudentLife website.

Work with StudentLife

StudentLife is ready to receive new staff for the following region

See for more information here

Communicating Christ in a Skeptical World

Winter courses at Tyndale Theological Seminary 17 – 28 January

IC670 Communicating Christ in a Skeptical World 3 ECTS

The way reality is perceived and explained has changed enormously over the years, greatly impacting our modern and late modern world and societies. The result is that we live in a very skeptical world. This course will aim to identify key areas of our skeptical world and how diverse this world has become. It will then suggest approaches that can more effectively communicate Christ in the 21st century.

Some methods and approaches to evangelism that worked in the past may not work effectively in the present. We will discover that no one approach is sufficient to communicate Christ effectively in the 21st century. Today, with the rise of secularism coupled with the increasing ease of travel and mass communication, we are exposed to many different cultures, worldviews and religions, and therefore we have to be flexible. We will rethink how to communicate a timeless message to a skeptical world.

13:30 – 15:30 Monday-Friday

Solomon Dimitriadis

For more information see the Winter Brochure

2022 Winter Brochure



The one thing that is not true about God

Here is my vlog about the one thing that is not true about God.

God cares!

View the vlog here

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COVID-19 Hope makes a difference

Almost everyone is concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many people responsibly take preventive measures. Others are in the middle of a crisis and find it difficult to deal with it. Most people are deeply concerned about their loved ones.

Some universities in The Netherlands have decided to not have on-campus education.

In this short blog (see here), Marilyn Adamson reflects on the reality of God and how this can make a difference in our lives. In the middle of our anxieties, there is hope!

How do you deal with anxiety? Leave a comment and I will be happy to reply within a week.