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Prayer & Missions

“Talking to God about students before talking to students about God”

Hey all! StudentLife The Hague is inviting you to join a time of prayer before the outreach on the 23rd of Sept. between 10-11.30am. Save the date!

23 Sep 2022 10:00-11:30

@JHOP Korte Vleerstraat 230

See the flyer here SL Den Haag 23 september 2022

Lift-Off retreat: Praying into the Promised Land

Lift-Off 2022

Are you a student and do you have the desire that your friends and fellow students get to know Jesus? If so, you should sign up for the Lift-Off!

Lift-Off is a weekend where you can deepen your own relation with God, where you can learn how to share your faith, and where you will meet other students who have the same desire for spreading the gospel. All of this will help you to grow in faith, hope and love!

This year, our theme will be ‘Praying into the Promised Land’. Prayer was of paramount importance for the people of Israel as they were travelling to the Promised Land. The same holds true for us! When we start sharing our faith, we should be moved by the needs of the people around us, we should be looking for Gods presence constantly and we should step out in faith, following His directions. We will delve deep into these subjects, taking the prayers of Moses in Exodus 32 en 33 as our guideline.

Sign up for the Lift-Off by filling out the form you find at the bottom of this page. If paying the indicated sum of money is challenging for you at the moment, please contact us at

You can sign up here for Lift-Off 2022

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Celebrating five years student work. More workers are needed!

Celebrating 5 years campus ministry!

My wife Pia is working already 5 years with Agape StudentLife. Our joined passion is to help students live on purpose! Some updated pictures you can find here.

We are looking forward to serve God and the students in the campuses in The Netherlands. The harvest is plentiful the workers are few. We do pray for more colleagues to join this exciting ministry.

See for vacancies to work with StudentLife here


Work with StudentLife

StudentLife is ready to receive new staff for the following region

See for more information here

Communicating Christ in a Skeptical World

Winter courses at Tyndale Theological Seminary 17 – 28 January

IC670 Communicating Christ in a Skeptical World 3 ECTS

The way reality is perceived and explained has changed enormously over the years, greatly impacting our modern and late modern world and societies. The result is that we live in a very skeptical world. This course will aim to identify key areas of our skeptical world and how diverse this world has become. It will then suggest approaches that can more effectively communicate Christ in the 21st century.

Some methods and approaches to evangelism that worked in the past may not work effectively in the present. We will discover that no one approach is sufficient to communicate Christ effectively in the 21st century. Today, with the rise of secularism coupled with the increasing ease of travel and mass communication, we are exposed to many different cultures, worldviews and religions, and therefore we have to be flexible. We will rethink how to communicate a timeless message to a skeptical world.

13:30 – 15:30 Monday-Friday

Solomon Dimitriadis

For more information see the Winter Brochure

2022 Winter Brochure