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Talk on Family Relationships at ICF Delft

ICF Delft is in a series about Relationships. November the 5th 2017


Coming Sunday the theme is Family Relationships and Education. See below a short description of the talk.

Coming Sunday will be the third service in our series on relationships.
Christian parents are sometimes confused or overwhelmed with the responsibility they have to bring up their children in a godly way. Parents are stewards and don’t own their children. But parents are responsible for their upbringing. Part of this upbringing is to educate them in the ways of God. They aim to help their children not only to be well-behaved but to come to a knowledge of the truth. This is to help them know God’s love and hopefully make a commitment to follow Him.

What does the Bible say about ‘educating’ our children in God’s ways? How is this to be done? How is this not to be done? What if the children will not follow God? How can this process of bringing up children in a godly manner help parents grow in their own relationship with God? We will try to touch on these questions and study a few passages from the Bible that shed some light on these issues. You are warmly welcomed to our Sunday service to discover more about this! Join us on November 5 in the Génestet church, Oude Delft 102, at 12:15 pm.

For more information about ICF visit their website here



Conversations on Campus

Two questions that students ask related to conversations on campus

Why should I talk about my faith with others? and where do I start, what do I say?

Why should I have conversations about my faith with others?

Here are some reasons why we should take the initiative and talk about what we believe with others.

What we believe impacts our lives, societies, and the world. What we believe really matters. This is a good reason why we should talk openly about our worldview, ideas, and beliefs. Furthermore, we can sharpen each other and grow in our understanding on many things. We all can learn from each other’s views. There is nothing to loose, nothing to be afraid of, nothing to hide. Communication that is open, respectful and challenging is something we should welcome. Things brings us then to the second question, “where do I start?”

Where do I start, what do I say?

A good way to start a conversation is to learn and ask good questions. People are open to give their opinion about what they think and belief. There are of course exceptions some times. Asking good questions helps us undertand what others think, why the think so, and on what grounds they think so. This opens the door to share about our own beliefs and opinions. So asking good questions is a good skill to learn, for conversations about faith, but also for anything else we will be doing in our lives.

Where can I get more information about this?

StudentLife is training students on the campus in a few cities in The Netherlands. You can contact me for more information about this at

Have a look on some of the training material StudentLife is using

Here are some of the conversation tools Agape is using at the campus. Also, some of the trainings that we are offering.

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