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Living with Hope and Courage in All Circumstances

Talk at ICF Delft Sunday, October the 6th 2019

Talk theme: living with hope and courage whatever may come

We all live our lives without knowing what may happen in the future. All humans are fragile in one way or another. For instance, we cannot avoid death or the death of loved ones. Furthermore, we need to know who we are to be able to live a life free from wrong expectations or the trap of performing to be accepted. We want to live with values that will help us live a life worth living. Who can help us live with hope and courage during our short and fragile lives? The Christian faith has an answer to these questions. Our passage this coming Sunday from 1 Thessalonians 4 and 5 talks about certainty in death, a meeting with the King, the courage to live with kingdom values and an identity rooted in a love relationship with God.

Click below to listen to the talk from about minute 29.

Outline: A Creed. A Meeting. An Identity. A lifestyle.

New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) in Delft.


My Activities

My speaking schedule for fall 2019

  • 6th October 2019 ICF Delft in Delft.

    • A series that continues on 1 Thessalonians. I will speak in chapter 4:13-5:11.


Previously this year

10th March 2019 Grace Church in Amersfoort.

  • An excerpt from this talk: Relationships are important because they define us as human beings. To be authentically human, someone said, is to exist in relationships. Happiness has to do with the knowledge of being loved. Relationships define our identity. Not any kind of relationships brings happiness. Only loving relationships bring happiness in our lives as nothing else can do.

30-31 March 2019 Connexxtion student retreat

  • At the Connexxion retreat, there will be three main sessions, two related to Christian apologetics and one to evangelism

19th May 2019 Grace Church in Amersfoort.


The dangers of solitude student life for international students

A church service for international students

A church service for international students this coming Sunday, November the 19th, at Mount Zion church in Delft.

I will give a talk as a guest speaker on the theme “the dangers of solitude student life in The Netherlands.”

I will address some of the dangers of solitude student life. I have asked a few international students about the challenges they are facing while studying outside of their own cultural background. I will address some of these from a Christian perspective.

The focus for this church service coming Sunday is for students. Students are warmly welcomed. More information about the time and address you can find in the following here Welcome Service for New Students 2017RF2

For directions see also here

Mission Weeks on Campus

Mission Weeks on Campus 

-Why run a mission week?

You can impact your University like never before. Contact Solomon for further information in The Netherlands. Here is the definite mission planning resource student unions use to plan their mission weeks on campus. It will answer questions of ‘why’ and ‘how’ run a mission week on your campus. 

Videos that help you prepare for your upcoming mission weeks or the ones you would like to attempt in your uni watch here

FEUER conference in Prague 2014

FEUER stands for Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe.

About 100 student workers, many of them university evangelists, gathered together in order to get inspired and equipped to proclaim the good news in the university setting. Solomon went to the FEUER conference with two other IFES staff and one trainee. The staff plan to run two mission weeks in 2015, one in Groningen and one in Zwolle. Prayer is much appreciated for the preparation of these events.

University evangelist Michael Ots had this to say about the FEUER conference 2014 in Prague

During the FEUER conference we had John Lennox give a talk on ‘Has science buried God’ at the main lecture hall of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. More than 600 students attended this meeting. In the photo below you can see the moment when the man at the right side upstairs just made an announcement that there is no more place to enter the room. About 200 students were turned away. It was a special moment to see this happen in Prague. The general director of IFES in Prague told us that he never before saw something like this. It is obvious that many people are interested to hear more about the theistic Christian world view. You can watch the lecture here


Solomon giving a talk on What about suffering: Suffering. God. Humanism at ISS in The Hague


FEUER stands for Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of EuRope

My IFES colleague Bram van Putten was also there. It was special to be with Bram as this was my last trip for IFES before I joined Agape NL

My IFES colleague Bram van Putten was also there. It was special to be with Bram as this was my last trip for IFES before I joined Agape NL