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The dangers of solitude student life for international students

A church service for international students

A church service for international students this coming Sunday, November the 19th, at Mount Zion church in Delft.

I will give a talk as a guest speaker on the theme “the dangers of solitude student life in The Netherlands.”

I will address some of the dangers of solitude student life. I have asked a few international students about the challenges they are facing while studying outside of their own cultural background. I will address some of these from a Christian perspective.

The focus for this church service coming Sunday is for students. Students are warmly welcomed. More information about the time and address you can find in the following here Welcome Service for New Students 2017RF2

For directions see also here


StudentLife Communities


StudentLife Rotterdam has started the weekly meetings again. For information click on the Facebook page on one of the cities here

Are you a Christian, and do you want to grow and learn how to share about your relationship with God?

Are you not a believer, but do you together with other ‘seekers’ want to learn more about the meaning of life and discover more about God?

Become part of this colorful community full of focus on the meaning of life, friendship, fun, and life and faith questions!

Coaching and community concerning life and faith questions. That is what Agapè StudentLife stands for. With coaches, students and volunteers we help to create a meaningful student life.
Coaches and students of Agapè StudentLife meet each other at home or at the campus, during (international) conferences and workshops, or just at the pub

Want to join or start a StudentLife community? You can find information here 

You can find more information about student life here



International students in Breda

icafe Breda 

2014,while I still was with IFES NL, was a fruitful year in international student ministry in Breda. Together with the student pastor we started an i-cafe team. The i-cafe team is running monthly meetings for international students. The team is composed by members of churches in Breda, IFES staff, the student pastor of the PKN church and both Dutch and international students. It took about a year to bring different people together in order to make this happen. The result is a strong and independent i-cafe team that is committed to reach out to international students in Breda. These are some photos from our first meetings in 2014. Some of these students also attend the Bible studies and prayer meetings on campus at AVANS on a weekly basis.

icafe breda students IMG_0290 IMG_0294 IMG_0278

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