Big questions of life

Some websites that deal with the big questions of life

The following links are easy to access and give short but good responses to basic questions on the meaning of life, the existence of God, suffering and evil, purpose, morality, destiny and more. The “bethinking” website goes deeper and gives more details. The “EveryStudent” website gives shorter replies.


This website is related to university and college students. It also provides answers for people that are related to the Christian faith. But also non-Christians can find lots of good essays but also audio talks.


This website is also related to university and college students. The emphasis here is to provide information for someone looking for answers about the Christian faith. Here you can also find some video clips. You can also listen to the articles/essays read while doing something else.

The life of Jesus

In this short book, the gospel of Mark, you could read the whole life of Jesus. It is still one of the best books for anyone searching to find good answers to the big questions of life.



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