Alpha Course at Trinity Church in Leidschendam

Today is the last Alpha Course evening.

Our 5th Alpha Course evening at trinity church in Leidschendam is coming Monday the 23d of February. The talk of the evening will be ‘Why and how should we read the Bible?’

At our 4th Alpha Course evening we talked about the importance of prayer. The title was ‘why and how should we pray?’. After the talk we did have insightful discussions that helped us better understand the importance of prayer.

January the 19th we started our Alpha Course again. The first evening was well attended with about 10 participants. We had good discussions about the meaning of life and the answers the Christian faith is giving. Participants had the opportunity to share their own views and also ask further questions. The talk of the evening was ‘Christianity: boring, untrue and irrelevant’. We have two small groups, one in Dutch and one in English. 

For more information about the Alpha Course have a look here

You are welcome to come!



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