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Witnessing with the ‘apologetics’ style

Re-Charge 2023

On Saturday March 18th 2023 the yearly Re-Charge will take place. A day full of inspiration, meeting others, and witnessing. It is a day meant to encourge you to develop a witnessing lifestyle.

The theme of the day is “Becoming the witness you are”. Jesus is asking every person to be His witness. And everyone has different gifts and talents. How can you share Jesus’ good news in a way that fits your personality? How to be a witness such as God has meant you to be?

In broad strokes, this is the programme structure of the day:
  • Starting with a game + welcome
  • Service
  • Workshop round 1
  • Lunch
  • Workshop round 2
  • Closing remarks + “borrel”
  • (for those who want to: eating together at own costs)
You’ll have to wait  a while until the Re-Charge takes place, in the mean time read one of the blogs. This one for example: “Christian faith: Does it make sense?” Get inspired!

workshop apologetics style handout