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Corona and our two greatest concerns

Out two greatest concerns during Covid-19 can become our two greatest teachers. Well, what can these two concerns teach us? What are your greatest concerns? what are you learning during this time? Leave a comment and I will reply soon  

Corona and 3 tips that can make a difference “today”

We are leaving in the midst of a pandemic. Fear is a natural response. Some people panic and are desperate. Will we survive this pandemic? In this vlog, I focus on three simple things we can do today. To face a big problem sometimes we have to take small steps.

COVID-19 Hope makes a difference

Almost everyone is concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak. Many people responsibly take preventive measures. Others are in the middle of a crisis and find it difficult to deal with it. Most people are deeply concerned about their loved ones. Some universities in The Netherlands have decided to not have on-campus


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