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Four things that help me make sense out of evil and suffering

A few thoughts about suffering and evil that help me personally Suffering and evil is a reality we all face day in and day out. In this vlog, I share four things that I find helpful when I think about suffering and evil. First, a helpful distinction. It is not only

Make room for thought: is faith unreasonable?

View the vlog here MAKE ROOM FOR THOUGHT: Is faith unreasonable? Students in Leiden here in The Netherlands run a week with talks about the meaning of life. So they asked me to prepare a talk about the question of faith in relation to reason. My talk was under the

Study and finish well during corona

Watch the vlog here During this lockdown, you can continue your studies and finish well. But you need what I call “routine faithfulness.” I mention 3 benefits and four tips in this less than three minutes vlog. benefits finish tasks sense of satisfaction because you finish tasks enough time for


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