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Witnessing with the ‘apologetics’ style

Re-Charge 2023 On Saturday March 18th 2023 the yearly Re-Charge will take place. A day full of inspiration, meeting others, and witnessing. It is a day meant to encourge you to develop a witnessing lifestyle. The theme of the day is “Becoming the witness you are”. Jesus is asking every

God’s design for marriage

STRUCTURING YOUR MARRIAGE AROUND GOD’S DESIGN AND VISION Sunday, 26 February 2023|Time: 12:30 at ICF Delft  Here is the link for the sermon Marriage is God’s idea. It reflects something of who God is: God is love. It also reflects something about the church: a loving community. A couple can feel disconnected

StudentLife The Hague activities

Upcoming StudentLife activities February and March! Conversations at The Hague campus: using a questionnaire to start conversations about the meaning of life. It is easier and more fun than you think!


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