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Living with Hope and Courage in All Circumstances

Talk at ICF Delft Sunday, October the 6th 2019 Talk theme: living with hope and courage whatever may come We all live our lives without knowing what may happen in the future. All humans are fragile in one way or another. For instance, we cannot avoid death or the death of

Student Leaders and Their Potential Impact on Campus

StudentLife, the organization I am working with, believes that students can be positive influencers on their campuses. They can make a difference and impact others with the good news. What follows is some points related to the importance of student leaders for campus work and why students should consider becoming

Reasons why people may reject faith in God

Here are some reasons why people reject faith in God. I mention four of them. What could be some reasons you are rejecting faith in God? leave a message and I will try to respond in about a week.


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