Communicating Christ to students in Europe

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From Agnosticism to Atheism

Moving from “I don’t know if there is a God” to “There is no God” Two students we met some weeks ago came both from Iran. The one was a Ph.D. student. He identified himself as an agnostic who became a convinced atheist. We asked him, ‘How did you become

Passionweek Delft May 2023

Passionweek Delft Passionweek Delft is coming soon again. 1-4 May There will be a Veritas and two lunch talks. Folllow the passionweek team at their instagram profile

Passionweek Nijmegen is coming soon

Passionweek Nijmegen In a few weeks students in Nijmegen will have their Passionweek. See for more information their Instagram here  


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