Communicating Christ to students in Europe

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Communicating Christ to different faith groups

Being prepared to witness to different faith groups about the diety of Christ Follow the link below. Here are some some tips, principles, practical advise and quick look resources how to prepare to witness for Jesus to JW’s witnessing to JW’s  

Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ! Don’t ignore your freedom Don’t abuse or misuse your freedom A sermon on the topic of Freedom in Christ from Galatians chapter 5. The Bible reading starts at minute 22. This sermon was preached 5 May 2024 which is liberation day in The Netherlands. For more sermons

On mission for Jesus

Jesus is sending 70 of his followers to proclaim the good news of God’s kingdom. I will speak on this theme of ‘Jesus sending us out’ in ICF Rotterdam Noord April 7th 2024. Come to join this worship service and hear about God’s purposes for this world and your life.


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